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Wales’ coolest offices – the Top Ten (Wales Online)

Wales’ coolest offices – the Top Ten (Wales Online)

“Original designs and imaginative breakout areas can create environments to boost staff performance and pride in their workplace”

So says Wales Online today with their list of the 10 coolest offices in Wales. Great to see Swansea based Tech Hub and Coastal Housing making it on there. Apparently white walls are officially uncool. It’s more than dressing though – we’re always interested in what stimulates creativity and recent studies suggest that colour can affect a person’s mood and also hinder a worker’s effectiveness.

So, these offices really have addressed the challenge of the boring office.

Apparently aqua, blue and green are good colours to paint those corporate walls. Other colours can stimulate certain emotions:

Red – stimulates the pulse and raises blood pressure.

Blue – calming. It promotes trust and efficiency.

Yellow – stimulating (although it can cause anxiety)

Green – calming and promotes harmony and balance

Grey –  neutral, lacking energy

Time to get painting those white walls…..