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Perago Wales – a PopUp Wales success story


In the rapidly changing landscape of workspaces and post-pandemic working models, Perago Wales, a knowledge-based organisation, wanted to explore new ways to enhance collaboration, engagement, and flexibility. Founded in 2017, they support organisations to deliver better services that improve people’s lives in Wales, aligning with the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

The idea

Perago Wales faced the challenge of finding a workspace that aligned with its dynamic and collaborative approach. The traditional office setup was no longer sufficient to accommodate the diverse needs of its team and clients. The idea emerged to contact Urban Foundry’s PopUp Wales initiative, supported by Swansea Council and Welsh Government’s Transforming Towns scheme, to experiment with a new approach and create a thriving work environment.

What we did

Via the PopUp Wales initiative, Urban Foundry supported Perago Wales in moving to an empty retail unit in Caer Street in Swansea City Centre. This provided the team with an office space that was much welcomed after the remote working of Covid 19. It also became a hub for engagement and events.

It also became a home for Studio Perago – a space that brings digital, service design, communications, technology, and service delivery together as core components of service design.

The space appealed to the Perago Wales team for its versatility.

Impact of our work

The team’s commitment to the local community and economy was evident through their connections and support for other businesses. Being rooted in Swansea City Centre offered visibility and connections, and the office layout’s flexibility was pivotal, accommodating workshops, meetings, and online interactions effectively. Striking the right balance between collaborative and adaptable spaces is a key consideration for their future projects.

Due to the success of the project and the fact it was a safe and supportive environment for them, Perago Wales has made a creative decision to transition its operations into a disused café in Swansea’s Creative Quarter. Whilst traditional office spaces were available within the same building and throughout Swansea, they recognised the potential benefits of a more socially inclusive environment.

The PopUp Wales initiative brought about significant positive impacts for Perago Wales and similar projects in the future:

  • Showed an alternative use of space in Swansea City Centre
  • Has become a key case study in the future of office space post Covid 19
  • Demonstrated how business strategies can adapt post Covid 19
  • Had unexpected positive economic benefits to the local business community
  • Tested and validated a concept through PopUp Wales
  • "PopUp Wales provided us with the perfect launchpad to elevate our business in Swansea. Their short-term lease scheme allowed us to experiment around how an office space would work for us. As a proud Swansea based company it was great to do this in a prime central location, providing new and unique experiences to clients and enabling our team to work better together. Our thanks to Gareth, Ben, and the whole team at PopUp Wales for being an instrumental part of the building of our business. We’ve now moved to a new longer-term office in the heart of Swansea, we remain committed to supporting digital in Wales."
    Chris Elias, Communications Lead - Perago