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COVID-19 business support diagram

UPDATED – 25th May 2020

Like many people we were getting a little lost in amongst the rapid updates of COVID-19 support available. So, having seen something similar produced in England by Chatfield Accountants, and with the kind help of Sterling Rees accountants through several late evening phone calls, we produced an infographic to try and simplify it a little.

Our original diagram got a lot of attention and very nice feedback – we’ve updated it a few times as things have changed to reflect additional support and new information.

We have also now produced two diagrams:

  • one for Wales (ABOVE); and
  • one for England (BELOW).

The diagrams reflect the situation at the time of posting them – the situation is evolving, so do check on Government advice as it is updated. We will produce an updated version if there are further substantive changes.

The diagrams illustrate business support – whilst some of these measures also apply to the third sector, there are other support mechanisms not shown that are available for certain third sector organisations and you should check with your local third sector umbrella organisation.

As with all such things, this is provided for illustration and you should satisfy yourself of the best course of action for your own individual circumstances.

The diagram has been produced with the express intention of helping people to make sense of the range of support and options and is made available freely – there is no need to check back with us or Sterling Rees to get permission to share it (though shout-outs on social media are always nice!).

We hope this helps.

Stay safe and look after each other.