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Milford Haven Port Authority

Milford Haven Port Authority

The idea

Milford Haven Port Authority (MHPA) required a feasibility study to explore the potential of its Quay Stores building.

What we did

Working alongside iDeA Architects, we developed a series of proposals for how the building might be developed considering the wider context of the wider urban environment. The work involved a series of key stakeholder interviews, walkability mapping, and site visits.

Impact of our work 

The Quay Stores initiative is progressing and the northern waterway and its connection to the town have risen in prominence, with our focus on key connections informing further work and we were subsequently commissioned, alongside iDeA Architects to further explore the potential for connections to the town centre with a second report. The latter featuring consideration of an inclined railway or funicular for connecting the waterside to the higher level town centre.

You can read both reports below; reproduced with the permission of MHPA.

You can read our initial report by clicking HERE

You can read our second report by clicking HERE