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Pantlasau Farm

Pantlasau Farm

The idea

The Morris Estate, descendants of John Morris – the founder of Morriston – are developing a high end residential development in north Swansea; a new neighbourhood of around 600 homes, connected using green, open landscaped spaces with a high quality public realm and adopting excellent urban design principles. They needed our help to develop the idea both to make it happen, and also to ensure it will be sustainable once built.

What we did

We provided design input and advice to the initial development phases, working with the Estate and their chosen architects. We attended development meetings with the Local Authority alongside the client as part of the pre-application planning process. We provided the client with an urban design context review to illustrate how the proposed developments would fit with existing community facilities. Finally, we conducted a community consultation, with an exhibit, coupled with a series of drop in sessions, alongside an online mechanism for people to contribute remotely. Latterly, as the scheme progressed we supported the client through the pre-application planning phase and developed a detailed design code for the scheme in conjunction with the architects, providing significant urban design input.

Results of our work

Our input was very well received and our advice on creation of perimeter blocks with active frontages on all sides, shared spaces in the public realm, and a grid format were all incorporated into design proposals. Our urban design analysis and community engagement process were successful in gathering a range of information to assist the Estate in identifying and addressing key issues and to further refine proposals and our design code is being adopted as the scheme is marketed to the development sector.


Design Code – Pantlasau Farm.

Consultation boards: ENGLISH / CYMRAEG

  • "I am pleased to report the successful conclusion of a session at the LDP Public Enquiry earlier today concerned solely with our site. I put this down to all the preparatory work you and others have done to get us to this stage."
    Henry Dare, Trustee - the Morris Estate