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The Environment Centre, Swansea

The Environment Centre, Swansea

Purpose of the commission

The Environment Centre in Swansea was one of the pioneer environmental organisations in Wales; it is a charity and company limited by guarantee, operating from its own premises in Swansea and carrying out a wide range of activities, including events, information provision to the general public, and an educational programme.

As with many third sector organisations, the Centre is reliant on public funding, and although it had been very successful in raising public funds, its resources were dwindling and services were being lost. The Centre asked us to review their funding and how they might become more financially sustainable as part of a strategic review of the organisation.

Activities carried out

We carried out a strategic review of the organisation. We benchmarked the Centre with similar organisations across the UK and drew out useful points of learning; we carried out a series of interviews with a range of the Centre’s key stakeholders; we delivered 2 e-surveys (with the Centre’s broader stakeholders and with local schools); and we delivered 3 facilitated workshops to explore the issues facing the Centre and prioritise the way forwards in an action plan.

Results of our work

Our report outlined a number of key issues and provided a range of recommendations including new product areas, and alterations to working practices. Following our final workshop to assist the Centre in prioritising its actions, the Centre is in the process of adopting our recommendations, already with some successes.