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Quadrant Shopping Centre

Quadrant Shopping Centre

The idea

Quadrant Shopping Centre, located in the heart of Swansea, hosts a diverse range of retailers, including well-known brands like Boots and HMV. The shopping centre holds a key position within Swansea City Centre’s fabric and identity.

In 2017, Quadrant Shopping Centre enlisted the support of Urban Foundry to enhance their in-centre events and cultivate authentic connections with the community. They wanted to curate impactful experiences that would attract and engage individuals in a meaningful manner.

Quadrant Shopping Centre solidified their partnership with Urban Foundry in 2021 when we became a partner to deliver their events throughout the year, alongside ReTHINK PR and Marketing who manage their marketing and communications. The objective was to work with Quadrant Shopping Centre to deliver exceptional events that captivate and resonate with the local community. And ultimately increase footfall and spend.

What we did

The primary focus was to create events that not only appealed to the local communities but also celebrated the richness of local artistry and talent and also contributed to making a difference in the local area.

We wanted to deviate from the typical corporate activities often seen in commercial settings and instead deliver transformative experiences that breathed new life into the space.

By activating the central space, we wanted to bring it to life and turn it into a special area for community events and become a vibrant and exciting place where people get together, have a great time, and participate in different activities.

Working closely with ReTHINK and Quadrant Shopping Centre, our team embarked on a collaborative journey to create a diverse calendar of events.

Here are some examples of the events we have successfully organised to date:

  • Coronation Tea and Cake
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Disney Princess Day
  • St David’s Day
  • Rock School Sessions
  • Storytelling

By incorporating these engaging events and more, we worked to create an inclusive atmosphere that were popular with the local community whilst instilling a sense of pride and belonging.

Impact of our work

The impact of the events has captivated and engaged individuals who may not have traditionally frequented Quadrant Shopping Centre. Each event has resonated strongly with the community, drawing in diverse participants and breaking barriers to create a welcoming space for all.

The commitment to family-friendly experiences has played a pivotal role in this success. By providing a range of engaging activities and entertainment suitable for all ages, we have created an environment where families can come together, create lasting memories, and explore the Centre’s offerings.

There has been an increase in footfall within the Centre. Participants of our events often extend their visit beyond the event itself, taking the opportunity to explore and enjoy the shops and services available at Quadrant Shopping Centre. This positive trend has undoubtedly contributed to a vibrant and thriving atmosphere, benefiting both the community and the Centre’s retail establishments. Furthermore, it has contributed to the Quadrant’s managing company’s sustainable development goals, which has caught the attention of other shopping centres.