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Strategic Recycling Scheme Swansea

Strategic Recycling Scheme Swansea

The idea

Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) ran a Wales-wide European Objective One funded project called the Strategic Recycling Scheme (SRS), which required an external evaluation. Additionally, the SRS-funded Swansea Recycling Partnership (SRP) project, a £3.5 million project to increase the amount of waste diverted from landfill through an innovative collaboration of partners from the community sector and the Local Authority, also sought an external evaluation.

What we did

We reviewed a range of materials, and identified and engaged with a range of key stakeholders through one-to-one interviews and focus groups to assess the impact of the scheme as well as to explore the efficacy of the process used to reach the end goals.

We consulted with project partners, assessed distance travelled against desired outcomes, and assessed the success of the projects.

Results of our work

Our report was very well received: