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Obaidah Sbeitan

Obaidah Sbeitan

Obaidah began with us through our Academy programme, and has gone on to work for us as an associate on a variety of event management projects. She has a passion for event planning – she describes herself as ‘thriving on events’ and sees each one as a memorable experience.

Obaidah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Events Management, and has a Masters in Business Administration. Her degrees and her extensive practical experience of events  provide her with an in-depth knowledge of the administrational aspects of events, from marketing, finance, change, stability, HR and strategic management.

As well as events, Obaidah is also passionate about marketing, in particular digital marketing, and won an award in University for delivering outstanding digital content.

As with all our team, Obaidah is creative and has strong organisational skills and a great problem solver. She has delivered work for us with Quadrant Shopping Centre, in our Swansea Bay Street Markets project, and through our 51.6 events programme.